Monday, December 1, 2008

My Thanksgiving

My Thanksgining was good the food was really good, I helped make the food and it takes a LONG time to prepare the food. It took about 12 hours to make all the food and it took about 1 1/2 to eat it all. But i guess it was all woth it. My sister didnt get to come home this year but she gets to come home for Christmas so i am really excited about that. My other sister is getting marreid the 30th and i am really excited about that. But i guess my Thanksgiving was a really good one.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Best Sport in the world

Favorite sport

My favorite sport in the world would be soccer. Soccer is the most watched most played sport in the world. It is sport of endurance. I love soccer, I play soccer as much as i can i play indoor and outdoor. I have played for Davis for three years and am hoping to make it four. soccer is my life. I have two sisters that play soccer one of them plays for WSU and the other plays for Air Force Academy. I am hopping to play soccer in college. My position that i play is goalkeeper. I have been playing soccer for 13 years and am hoping to play another five or six more. My favorite soccer team is Manchester United. My favorite Player is Edwin Van Der Sar, he is the keeper for Manchester United.I like soccer because it keeps me in shape, helps me lose weight, and keeps me active. It also is somewhere you can go where everyone is equal. Everyone is equal when the step on the field no one has an advantage, it does not matter if your family is rich and it doesnt matter if you speak the same language, the only thing that matters is how much passion you have for the game. Soccer to me is my life i am glad i have the opportunity to play the game i love.
MAN U is better then Chelsea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!